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Biblical Studies:

Earn a seminary degree or take just one course —

perfect education for lay persons & bi-vocational pastors.

Your WAY to the way.

Our Goals, Leadership & Commitment

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Our program of education and training is designed for the busy lay person,
pastor and bi-vocational pastor who has only a limited amount of time,
but who wants a high-quality theological education.

Seminary Degrees


Bachelor of Arts

Biblical Studies — 3-Year Program

Christian Music — 1-Year Program


Master of Arts

Biblical Studies — 2-Year Program (after obtaining BA)


Doctor of Ministry

Biblical Studies — 2-Year Program (after obtaining BA & MA)

General Biblical Studies

We offer a "Cafeteria Style” method for classes.

Pick and choose only the courses you want or need.

"I’ve come with a good word,

a kind word and a gift for you."

—Carless Evans, referring to "All About Heaven"


Help Us

And find

opportunities for ministry.

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