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All About Heaven

A special ministry for nursing homes


In 1994, Carless Evans wrote his first book — All About Heaven — and soon had a call that changed how the book was to be received.

The superintendent of the nursing home in York, Alabama, asked Carless to come and visit every resident one-by-one and say a good word, a happy word, and “I have a gift for you.” Each was presented with a copy of All About Heaven. That is how the All About Heaven ministry began.


Nursing home ministers were secured and as of now more than 110,000 people have been served and the number continues to rise. Only about 20 percent of the residents are able to come to a common area for services held in these facilities — and our ministry gives every resident an opportunity to hear the good news of the Lord and the promise of heaven.


All About Heaven features a compilation of his sermons over the years about heaven. 

Sections of the book include:

1. The place

2. Who's going to be there?

3. What am I going to do there?

4. Questions and answers about heaven.  


Bringing Much-Needed Contact to Residents

It is sad to say that at any given nursing home, more than half of the residents have been forgotten — no phone calls, no visits, no cards, nothing. The average stay is only two years and they know what the next stop is. We give them hope for tomorrow, which is strength for today. By the grace of God we will continue to help those who took care of us. Many of them are lonely and sad; a short visit and a prayer from one of our ministers works a miracle.


If you feel a calling to serve in this capacity,
please feel free to call us at 601.737.4506
or email us

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